TreeSize Free

The disk space manager TreeSize Free tells you where precious disk space has gone.
– Visualize disk space usage with the treemap chart.
– Gain in-depth information in the column view.
– Filter scan results and break down information to better clean up your hard disk.
– Scan smartphones and mobile devices connected to you PC.
– Scan network drives (not in Windows domains / on Windows Server) and locally synchronized cloud shares.
– See the NTFS compression rate and apply NTFS compression to directory branches.
– Use the touch interface on touchscreen devices.


 is a free and open-source graphical disk usage analyzer for Microsoft Windows. It is notable for presenting a sub-tree view with disk use percentage alongside a usage-sorted list of file extensions that is interactively integrated with a colorful graphical display (a treemap). Created as an open source project released under the GNU GPL, it was developed using Visual C++/MFC 7.0 and distributed using Sourceforge. The project was inspired by KDirStat, a KDE application for Unix-like operating systems.


  • List of detected file extensions, and the percentage of space each file extension takes up.
  • Each extension has its own color on the graphical map.
  • Is able to scan internal, external and networked drives.
  • Portable version besides the installer
  • User-created clean up jobs
  • Send report via email