Foglight for SQL Server (x64 x86)

Foglight Performance Investigator for SQL Server enables you spend less time on performance management tasks with comprehensive monitoring, non-stop data collection, and instant metric-sensitive alerts and scalable, easy to configure workload. Collect and investigate data on baselines, lock analysis and change tracking with multidimensional drilldowns and historical session data investigations. With intuitive interfaces, built-in expert guidance and easy-to-follow workflows, your able to quickly identify and fix problem servers and resource areas before they impact your business. Quickly access all the information you need to achieve optimal SQL Server performance.

SQL Backup Reporter (x64 x86)


  • Quickly identify databases which have not had backups
  • View backup history including the backup date and type
  • Simplified grid view for easy sorting and navigation
  • Identify full and differential backups for many databases
  • Connect to cloud and run in cloud (provisional)


SQL Check (x64)

SQL Check (x86)


  • Monitor 20 key performance metrics
  • See throughput of varying types
  • See “heartbeat” statistics at different intervals
  • Up and running in minutes with easy installation wizard
  • No agents required
  • Connect to cloud and run in cloud (provisional)


SQL Integrity Check


  • Initiate Checks – easily run a CHECKDB for any database on-demand
  • Identify Corruption – view integrity check results to identify corruption
  • Verify Last Check – routinely verifies when last check was performed
  • Automatic Notification – receive alerts when databases are due for checks
  • Save time – no need to write and maintain scripts


SQL Job Management (x64 x86)


  • Management console to easily view past and current jobs
  • Identify and correct job contention
  • Drag and drop jobs across servers to level workloads
  • “At a glance” view to see failed or runaway jobs
  • Customizable calendar view
  • Connect to cloud and run in cloud (provisional)


SQL Permissions Extractor


  • Generate T-SQL scripts for copying of user permissions
  • Edit, save, and execute permissions scripts
  • Include object level permissions for selected databases
  • Four steps to copy, extract, modify and apply changes
  • Connect to cloud and run in cloud (provisional)


SQL Health Monitor


MS SQL Monitoring

  • Monitor CPU, memory and disk space utilization of the SQL Servers
  • Get complete details about SQL Server sessions, buffer, memory, locks and latches
  • Auto discover SQL Servers in the network
  • View general server performance and utilization details with color coded alerts

SQL Server Monitoring

  • View the database details for active transactions, database size, log files used, log cache hit ratio and transactions per second

SQL Monitoring – Settings

  • Set critical and warning thresholds for CPU, memory, disk space, buffer cache hit ratio, free pages, page reads/sec, page writes/sec and SQL cache memory

MSSQL Server Reporting & Email 

  • Get a snap shot of real-time performance report fetched by the tool in PDF format and Email your stake-holders from the tool